Der Freischütz


Romantic opera in three acts
by Carl Maria von Weber

New text version by Kommando Himmelfahrt

After a civil war, Germany lies in ruins. Kommando Himmelfahrt relocates the dark tale of the virtuous huntsman Max, who must sell his soul for one decisive shot, to a dystopian future where all science is considered diabolical. Star actress Astrid Meyerfeldt, portraying the underground chemist Melisa, must single-handedly preserve the remnants of enlightenment. Conductor Roberto Rizzi Brignoli unleashes the captivating power of Weber’s music.

A futuristic fairy tale from the past about knowledge transfer, superstition, rituals, and societal constraints.

Premiere on April 8, 2022 at Nationaltheater Mannheim

Musical direction: Roberto Rizzi Brignoli
Direction and concept: KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT
Stage: Heike Vollmer, Costumes: Kathi Maurer,
lighting: Nicole Berry
Choir direction: Dani Juris
Dramaturgy: Patricia Knebel

With: Blanz, Kaminskaite/Kessler, Kho, Meyerfeldt, Polanska; Berau, Brunner/Ha, Brunner/Moskalchuk, Diffey/Stoughton, Goltz/Jesatko, Urbanowicz/Goltz; Opera Chorus; Extras; National Theater Orchestra

Eine Produktion der Oper am Nationaltheater Mannheim und

Performance photo by Christian Kleiner

Model photo by Heike Vollmer