Also sprach Golem / Thus spoke Golem

GOLEM XIV is the most promising supercomputer ever built. With its help, its creators hope very much to learn more about themselves and their future. But GOLEM’s statements about humanity are rather uncomfortable. Is artificial intelligence at all interested in the species that constructed it? And is our path a mutual one?

The artist group Kommando Himmelfahrt and the composer Kaj Duncan David reconstruct the mighty computer as part of the Ultraschall Festival Berlin. They let the contemporary music and performance ensemble SCENATET from Denmark meet the exceptional Scottish actor Graham F. Valentine in an oscillating electronic-audiovisual setting. And together, they bid welcome to a lecture about humanity and to an extraordinary encounter with a higher intelligence.

World premiere: January 18th 2020, Ultraschall Festival, Berlin

Concept, composition and musical direction: Kaj Duncan David
Concept, book and stage direction: Thomas Fiedler
Media: Carl-John Hoffmann
Stage design and costumes: Eylien König
Sound: Arne Vierck
Dramaturgical advice: Ilka Seifert
Dramaturgy, production management: Julia Warnemünde
Production assistant: Kasia Noga
Assistant stage designer: Sean Keller

WITH: Graham F. Valentine
My Hellgreen ‒ Cello
Sven M. Slot ‒ Keyboard
Matias Seibæk – MIDI Percussion, Percussion,
Katerina Anagnostidou – Snare drum, MIDI controller

A production by KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT and Kaj Duncan David in cooperation with »Ultraschall Berlin«, »Klang Festival« Copenhagen and SCENATET. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and Statens Kunstfond, Denmark.