Salon des lumières 
secret lodge and concert series

KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT does not believe the European elites are capable of effectively promoting the project of enlightenment. That is why they developed an infiltration plan that presents itself as a seemingly harmless concert series with artists from our prominent festival performances. After each performance, twenty people will be given the opportunity to attend the nightly, backstage club events, where they can be trained as »sleeper agents of progress«.



WITH the Bands:
Felix Kubin, Arnold Kasar, Small Friendly Giant, The black project, Battista Lena Quartett, niedervolthoudini, Ted Gaier, Gadoukou La Star, Gotta Depri und DJ Meko

BY: KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT (Jan Dvořák, Thomas Fiedler, Julia Warnemünde)
in Zusammenarbeit mit Tobias Herzberg, Cathrin Ulikowski, Jan Gehmlich, Maria Markina (Performance), Eylien König (Bühne), Carl-John Hoffmann (Medienkunst), Charlotte Werkmeister (Kostüme), Sean Keller (Assistenz Bühne)

A KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT and Mannheimer Sommer 2018 production