Paradise Lost

»Paradise lost« is the archaic formula for all modern myths, from »The Lord Of The Rings« to »Star Wars«. According to its author, the revolutionary Englishman John Milton, Satan himself was the first of all revolutionaries. His satanic brave heart caused the fall of the celestial army of angels into hell. The production »Paradise Lost« by KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT is a rock’n’roll performance with actress Sarah Sandeh, a men’s chorus, band and video art of »niedervolthoudini«.

Premiere: 4th of June 2014, Kampnagel, Hamburg

BY: KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT in collaboration with niedervolthoudini (Carl-John Hoffmann) & Claudio Pohle (costumes)

Sarah Sandeh (Satan), Men’s chorus (Bernd Breckwoldt, Michael Dvorak, Reinhard Flemisch, Toni Grotzke, Werner Homann, Rainer Kudziela, Atli Samel, Wolfgang Schreiber, Rainer Sprunkel, Stephan Peiffer) and the band »Himmelfahrt Music Hall« (Christian Bekmulin, Jan Dvorak, Andrew Krell, Leo Lazar)

Funded by Hamburgische Kulturstiftung and Rudolf Augstein Stiftung