Mannheim Requiem

Destruction and revival of the city of Mannheim

The star Sirius endangers the city of Mannheim. A scientist has found a way to prevent cataclysm, however, he fears that mankind may not be ready for the evolutionary process that is about to begin. 
Mannheim Requiem is an apocalyptical concert show based on the unfinished plans by composer Edgard Varèse. The musical combination of soloists, choirs, band, string trio, and trombone ensemble creates a utopian sound world full of opposites that has never been heard in this form.

Premiere 21st of July 2018, Nationaltheatre of Mannheim 

Musik, text and direction: Kommando Himmelfahrt (Jan Dvořák, Thomas Fiedler, Julia Warnemünde)
Visuals: Carl-John Hoffmann

WITH: Cathleen Baumann, Anna Luca, Frank Felicetti, the pop chorus of Musikschule Mannheim (direction: Lola Demur), Alphabet-Chor (direction: Joe Völker), members of the orchestra of Nationaltheater Mannheim and band: Jörg Teichert (guitar), Christian Huber (drums), Joe Völker (piano), Gary Fuhrmann (sax), TC Debus (bass).

A production by KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT and Mannheimer Sommer 2018