Feeding the Multitude

Inventor Thomas Alva Edison is a pioneer of today’s reproduction techniques. In the version of KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT he leaves earth in the 1940s to be the first man on Mars and to spend time on music. – Related to the New Testament’s story called »Feeding the multitude«, KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT shows its audience the development of a baroque futuristic cantata which is uploaded to the internet in the end – A study about the loneliness of the subject in the era of technical reproduction with the lead singer of »Selig«, Jan Plewka, actor Peter Maertens, the Ensemble Resonanz, niedervolthoudini and the Kampnagel Choir.

Premiere: 12th of December 2014, Kampnagel, Hamburg

Guest performance at Theater Chur

»Die Speisung der 5000/Feeding the multitude« was awarded the Rolf Mares-Award 2015 in the category »Outstanding Performance«.

KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT in collaboration with niedervolthoudini (Carl-John Hoffmann, René Huthwelker), Eylien König (stage) & Ewen Kramer (costume)

WITH: Peter Maertens (Peter Waxman), Jan Plewka (Tom Edison), Thomas Leboeg (Synties), Ensemble Resonanz, Kampnagel Choir

A produktion by KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT in coproduktion with Kampnagel and Theater Chur.
Funded by Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Kulturbehörde Hamburg, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung